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    Poems for My GirlFriend

    If you are google +, I'll always be in your circle, I'll never get out of it.
    If you are a facebook, I'll try to give more than one like to you.
    If you are a twitter, I will give millions of retweets to you and only you that I follow.
    I love you, I love you very large, larger than the number of bugs, cookies, and spam is on the Internet.
    I want 24X7 hours a day post my love and publish posts to your heart, so you know how much my love and I always love you.
    If the other 99.9% uptime promise, I give 100% uptime for you, because I'm always "UP" to see you.
    Trust me love.
    I can't lie.

    " Please dont share this post, because there my girlfriend inside.  "  


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