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    Today WorlWide Fact's

    I found many latest fact in 2013 about worldwide network, i founded just with look at my monitor. If you not found that, there are something wrong with you and your device. Check it now.
    • "Bugs" are the most popular animals at this time. Why so? because you can find bugs anywhere with ease, there are bugs around you. included in your screen, even in the post are now able to find bugs :D  
    •  If you are in a diet program, stop using the internet. Useless if you reduce the amount of your meal, if you still use the internet, because by using the internet regularly you still get many "cookies".
    • Bad day. This morning my inbox is full of spam again. More unfortunately, someone offers me bra. If i knew who sent it, I just want to say that "I'M A MAN, NO NEED BRA ". Thanks.
    • Online shopping is now more powerful. I get a page that offers a beautiful women. Initially I was interested and want to click the order button. Just as I think of it, if the package delivery service willing to send girls in the package? I think not. And I closed the page.
    • Why I can not access megaupload? after more than two weeks I could not access it, I try something bigger, I tried gigaupload, but it gigaupload Forbidden and the page say I do not have permission to access / on this server. I'm so sad .


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