• Happy Forever With LOL Injections

    Today Joke's

    I just wanna make you happy not angry, if you anggry after read my post, stop read my post and start playing angry birds. Thanks, i like you.

    • For all children, stop putting your teeth under the pillow. If the tooth fairy like your teeth, it will take all your teeth. Beware.
    • Now it is the end of January, soon in February and Valentine's Day. My girlfriend has begun warned to prepare chocolate for her. I just told her, I could give you a lot of chocolate, but I'd rather give you a flower, because I do not want to see you become fat and because my mom has a lot of flowers  and can I picked flowers for free. :D
    • Had a complicated issue that makes you hard to smile. I have a way to make you smile and you can practice anywhere. You simply find a mirror and face yourself in the mirror. Make your face look cool's in the mirror, look at your cool face for a few moments and you will begin to smile.

    NB :  
    "I do not want to make you angry, sad or mad. I just wanted to make you laugh and happy. If you start to feel crazy, close your browser and find a psychiatrist"


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